Air Conditioning.

Air Conditioning

What is Air Conditioning?  Air Conditioning Explained:

A fan blows the hot indoor air over a heat exchanging coil through which cold/hot refrigerant flows. The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and cooled air is blown into the room (Cooling) or The hot refrigerant absorbs the cold from the air and heated air is blown into the room (Heating)

The refrigerant circulates through the units and the piping and takes the heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

Through compression, the refrigerant gas is heated and its boiling point increases. In the outdoor unit the heat obtained through compression is released to the outdoor air by means of a fan which blows the outdoor air over a heat exchanging coil.

The liquid refrigerant flows back to the indoor unit.

Back in the indoor unit, the refrigerant is decompressed and thus able to extract heat from the indoor air.

There are various types of setups for Air Conditioning we install such as:

Single Splits-1 indoor unit and 1 outdoor unit

Multi Splits-1-14 indoor units and 1 outdoor unit (cooling or heating mode)

VRV/VRF Heat Recovery-1-36 Indoor Units and 1 Outdoor Condenser (cooling and heating simultaneously)

Domestic Air Conditioning
Your home is where you return to for relaxation and comfort following the hustle and bustle of everyday life – this can depend on your home atmosphere ie extreme temperatures either hot or cold which are not acceptable and the importance of these should not be undervalued. DSK Air conditioning can make the home environment welcoming and the ambient temperature more manageable with installation of air conditioning. Following customer feedback from a high number of successful installations we know that we can meet customers’ requirements.


As soon as you contact us for your FREE quote and consultation you will understand how committed we are to providing you with the right temperature controlling solutions in a friendly, customer-focused manner.  Our qualified experts understand domestic requirements so can offer advice on a number of systems to suit each customers specific property and personal needs whether it be for recreational purposes or home/office needs.

Furthermore we do not just install your individually tailored system but can also provide maintenance and aftercare service with up to 5 years warranty.

Commercial Air Conditioning
Whatever kind of working area, whether it be manufacturing environment, retail outlet, office or public building – we can provide the air management solution that will suit. Bearing in mind the limits of space, time and money that customers face we can provide you with tailored systems that will fulfill your requirements.

To have an industrious and happy work force we know you need to maintain a comfortable working environment. In order to provide this we can offer some of the best quality air conditioning and heating solutions.


This is done in a professional, reliable, efficient and highly qualified manner in order that you and your business can be confident that you are investing in quality products and a quality service that will inevitably benefit your staff, your building and of course your profit margins.

Contact us today for a FREE quote and consultation so that we can help you find the best options available to your business

We also offer a service and maintenance contract which offers life cycle support services for their clients, including a 24/7 emergency call out service exclusively to maintenance contract customers. A number of checks and tests of components are carried out to high standards to ensure smooth running of your Air Conditioning units. After completion of a service and maintenance visit the client is provided with a copy of our report, confirming exactly what work has been carried out.